Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design takes into account many requirements. It's important to know that all user tasks should include the same support to a variety of devices:

  • desktop computer
  • laptop computer
  • tablet computer (i.e., iPad)
  • mobile phone (i.e., iPhone, android, etc.)

Responsive website design has become very important because the amount of mobile users now makes up more than half of total internet traffic. Therefore, Google announced Mobilegeddon (April 21, 2015) and started to increase the rating of websites that are mobile ready when the search is made from a mobile device. Not sure why, but Google recommends responsive design for smartphone websites over other platforms.

Responsive Website Design User Interface

User Interface (UI) design focuses on maximizing user experience. The purpose of UI design is to make the user interaction as simple and efficient as possible in order to accomplish the user's goals. The responsive website design must balance functionality and visual elements. It should not only be operational but also usable and adaptable to user's changing needs.

If you have a current site that doesn't display well in mobile devices, please give me a call at (913) 825-2587 or send an email.

Mobile Website Design Essentials

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