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Search Engine Optimization - Kansas CitySearch engine optimization (SEO) is the first vital step in making your website rank well in Google. This is a good start, but there are other SEO requirements that Google needs to keep your site ranking high.

Search engine optimization is the technique of improving the ability to find a website high up in a web search's non-paid results. These results are often called "organic," "natural," or "earned." Generally, the higher ranking and frequency in the search results the more visitors.

Statistics show that a website ranked #1 in Google gets 37% of the traffic.

SEO focuses on various kinds of search, including local search, image search, video search, news search, and many others.

As an effective Internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization takes into account how search engines function, what people are searching for, the actual keywords or search terms used and which search engines your target audience uses.

Optimizing a website is to both boost its relevance based on a specific keyword(s) and to eliminate obstacles in order to index the website.

Another SEO tactic is to promote a website in order to increase the number of back links, or inbound links.

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